Methods and education trends around the world have introduced new concepts in education. Nowadays virtual resources, a more inclusive and personal participation of parents and students, and changes of what makes a successful student, have transformed the education industry.


Mexico is a country of contrast, while some of its universities and technological institutes have international renown, the mexican education system still faces many challenges. Despite changes in politics and a larger investment in education in recent years (5.9% of GDP per capita), student learning outcomes in Mexico are below the OECD average. Insufficient enrollment, internal conflicts with teacher´s unions, and high drop out rates, are also key issues.

Currently, there is a high demand to increase educational access and to ensure its quality, with such panorama more than 27,000 Mexican students sought education abroad in 2013, and the tendency continue growing yearly. Though challenging, the education market in Mexico has a humongous potential, ARNI Consulting Group can help you to innovate and craft brighter futures for Mexican students.

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