Methodology ARNI Consulting Group

Metodologia ARNI Consulting Group

Each service is based on the needs of our customers, and considering the requirements of the products or services that want to go abroad.

To guarantee the quality of our services, we use the same working methods for the projects that are carried out. It is a dynamic methodology, constant and adequated to each customer with the desire to provide unique solutions.

Basic steps to organize tasks and consulting projects

  • Define the job to do
  • Create a work schedule
  • Work in stages
  • Have communication with the customer


  1. Discover To understand the needs of our customers, we should explore market conditions, know the target market, the competitors, the leading products, and the main rules to commercialize the product.
  2. Analyze After exploring, we examine the information gotten to make an analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the product that our customer wants to commercialize.
  3. Build After analyzing the market, a plan of action or business plan is made with different strategies and actions to achieve the goals defined by our customers.
  4. Execute Once the action plan was established, the necessary actions should be done to be closer of the aims.  
  5. Measure After the implementation of the action plan, the project will be evaluated to establish the measurement parameters and make the necessary corrections based on the initial plan.
  6. Manage Finally, a review of the activities carried out in the action plan is done and a unique solution is offered to our customer.
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