Decide to export

Why export?

·        Mexico is the principal exporting country in Latin America


·        Is the fifteenth exporting nation globally

Mexico and its exporting companies have had excellent partners abroad. The geographical location of Mexico eases the logistics in international trade with different countries and continents of the world. Mexico has an extensive network of free trade agreements; totaling 46 signed.


Currently, Mexico’s foreign trade represents 63% of its GDP, comparing it with 1994 was 27% of GDP.


Nowadays for practicing international commerce the size of the company is not so important, what is the most important to assume are the commitments, researches, and examinations to new markets.

Is important that the entrepreneur is focused to the diverse signals that are presented in the market, and even more when exporting to a new market, it have to be analyzed the trends, requirements, certifications, specifications of transportations, among others.


·        Improve the image of the company

·        Access to new markets

·  Reduce costs due to higher sales volume

·        Greater financial stability




·        Working with assumptions

·        Ignoring the culture of business

·        Do not do a research of the fashion trends

·   Ignoring all the unforeseen events generated by late delivery

·        Not be committed